Dry Fork Distillery

534 Bridge St, Danville, VA 24541, USA Call :4348572337

Our distillery was formed with a goal of producing a premium whiskey at a fair price. A partnership of two individuals who had a common desire to bring a premium quality,hand crafted whiskey and fruited whiskey to our community. With access to locally grown corn, barley, and fruits, Dry Fork Fruit Distillery started offering a 100 Proof moonshine and 80 proof strawberry moonshine through Va. ABC stores in 2015. Our distillery started in Patrick County, Va., but has relocated to Danville, Va.to take advantage of being able to open a retail store in the River District. This is a restored historic area bringing together residential and recreational living, entertainment, employment, fine eateries, relaxation and tourism. Anticipated opening in July of 2018, our hand crafted Blueberry, Blackberry and Damson fruited whiskey will be offered as well as Apple Brandy. Other runs will be done with the same high quality hand crafting as originally always mindful to produce the finest quality spirit for our friends and neighbors. Dry Fork Distillery had the honor medals-32-x-32-mm of winning a Bronze Medal for its Plum Moonshine at the 2018 Great American International Spirits Competition. This competition included over 300 distilled product entries. We hope to continue to produce high quality products.

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