About Us

WhereTo is an on-demand courier service geared to offering customers convenience of shopping at home, while empowering their local community. WhereTo offers merchants a cost efficient delivery service through a global platform that does not place financial burdens on merchants or consumers.  We are redefining logistics and e-commerce within the local communities we serve by leveraging traditional brick and mortar establishments.WhereTo is the next generation on-demand delivery platform, friendly to our partner merchants, andsuper convenient for our members.

WhereTo partners with local businesses that have agreed to be a part of our merchant network to offer low cost same day delivery, in order to give you an exciting shopping experience directly from your device. Using WhereTo you can order from local merchants in your local community for same day delivery from the comfort of your phone, tablet, computer, or laptop. Whether books, clothing, cosmetics, electronics, food, home goods, spirits, wine, beers, office supplies, even convenience store options, anything that is within our network in your local community can be purchased with just a few simple clicks. You can receive your order same-day or schedule it up to 5 days in advance.

Our Mission

There are no minimum or maximum order restrictions, no surge in delivery or order prices. To ensure quality we do not shop on your behalf, instead our partner merchants receive your order directly and will prepare the order for delivery. This way we can ensure you get as close as possible to the perfect product.
Order your heart out and we'll make sure everything reaches you in a timely fashion. For alcohol orders the purchaser must be at least 21, and our drivers are only allowed to give the order to the purchaser. Drivers are required to receive a signature for delivery and will take a picture of the signee’s government identification.